Who's who at Seeker's Sundries?

Our Seeker's

~Morgan, Aaron, and Hali are former co-workers who decided to turn their shared love of all things Harry Potter and crafting into a small artisan business~


Morgan, a typical Gryffindor, wears many hats as far as jobs go! She is a Clinic Manager and Veterinary Technician for a clinic in the Denton, TX area. She has her Bachelor's in Business Administration Management and is currently working on her MBA in Marketing. Her FAVORITE hat to wear is her creative hat. She loves being able to express her creative side through making handmade crafts for others to enjoy. Her specialties include candle-making, button-making and social media management. Morgan has been a Harry Potter fan since she was six years old and her obsession has only gotten larger with time.


Aaron is a newcomer to the magical world we belong to, but that doesn't mean he isn't a big fan! After YEARS of trying to get him interested in Harry Potter, Morgan finally got him to read the books and watch the movies. He has been hooked ever since! Aaron is a Hufflepuff at heart and works as a veterinarian throughout the DFW area. His specialties are woodworking and graphic designing.


Hali, a Hufflepuff through and through, teaches middle school English in Fort Worth, Texas and founded the Harry Potter Club on her campus. She read all seven books to her son before his first birthday; she's pretty passionate about it! As a mother and teacher, she doesn't have much free time, but she dedicates what she has to creating magical themed items for fellow fans to enjoy! Hali's specialties include jewelry-making, potion-making and wand-making.